Franchise Outlast was untwisted thanks to PlayStation Plus

Франшиза Outlast раскрутилась благодаря PlayStation Plus The General Director of the independent canadian Studio Red Barrels Philippe Morin (Phillippe Morine) spoke about working on the horror series Outlast. According to him, one of the reasons for the success of the franchise was the inclusion of the first game via a premium subscription on PlayStation Plus.

Maureen noted that the creation of the first part of Outlast was given to him and his colleagues is not easy. The company was looking for an investor for 18 months and during that time its employees worked without pay.

Venture capital funds prefer to invest in mobile, and Maureen Philip has repeatedly said that willing to give $50 million 10 mobile games than to invest $500 million in the Red Barrels.

Publishers are also not interested in indie unpopular project in the genre of horror — no one believed that the game will pay off.

As a result, Red Barrels have managed to attract 1 million canadian dollars from the Canada Media Fund and to collect 360 thousand from personal savings and loans. These funds have become the budget of the first part of Outlast.

When the PC version of Outlast went on store shelves in September 2013, the Bank account Red Barrel was empty.

Proceeds from sales of money in Red Barrel spent developing DLC and porting the game to PlayStation 4.

PS4-version Outlast was ready for the beginning of 2014. Red Barrel decided to distribute it as a free title for owners of the premium PlayStation Plus subscription.

The company noted that they were not confident in the success of this distribution model, but wanted to found out about Outlast as many people as possible, because then Red Barrels didn’t have money for marketing promotion of a franchise.

Risky strategy paid off: the game and the streamers and videoblogger.

The project became known, and this allowed a 5-fold increase in the budget of the sequel compared to part 1. On the development of Outlast 2 attracted 7 million canadian dollars.

Outlast 2 came out at the end of April 2017. Sales of the second part provided a Red Barrel, a record revenue year in company history.

To date, the Outlast franchise has sold 15 million game copies and earned $64 million — an outstanding result for a project of independent developers.