The new Tomb Raider Eidos Montreal at a cost of $135 million

Новый Tomb Raider обошелся Eidos Montreal в $135 млн Eidos Montreal has revealed the total budget of the action-adventure Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The creation and promotion of the last part of the Saga of Lara Croft, the company spent up to $135 million

This was stated by the head of Eidos Montreal David Anfossi (David Anfossi) in an interview with Game Industry.

According to Anfossi, the game development has gone from $70 to $100 million Another $35 million to marketing costs.

To the question about payback games with single-player story campaign, the head of the Eidos Montreal said that the Studio doesn’t want to chase the multiplayer trends and attempt to make Tomb Raider or Deus Ex the likeness of PUBG and Overwatch for the sake of fashion.

Anfossi said that quality made game will always find the right audience.

However, David said that Eidos Montreal is now coming up with and testing different ideas for the online games.

David Anfossi also shared his vision of the evolution of games with a single campaign and a strong story. According to him, such projects have become shorter, so that the gamer can come from the beginning of history to the climax in approximately 3 hours.

“I’m enjoying the new God of War, but I’m afraid I have not enough time to overcome it entirely. It’s frustrating,” said Anfossi.

A good example is not too long the narrative of the game is for one player David believes last year’s action adventure Hellblade: Senua Sacrifice from the Studio Ninja Theory.