In may iOS will be released puzzle G30 — A Memory Maze (trailer)

 В мае на iOS выйдет головоломка G30 — A Memory Maze (трейлер) Kiev developer Ivan Kovalev presented his debut game called G30 — A Memory Maze for mobile devices running iOS. The game belongs to the genre of puzzles and have been able to obtain many awards, including the award for best innovation from the Casual Connect.

Features G30 — A Memory Maze:

  • Each step as you solve the puzzle may change the course of history;
  • The game shows how people with a mental illness perceives reality;
  • Dramatic story;
  • Classic product. Ivan Kovalev is doing almost everything alone, including game design, coding, art and music;
  • To finish G30 — A Memory Maze the developer even had to sell his guitar.

G30 — A Memory Maze is about a man suffering from cognitive disorder, because of what his memory is slowly crumbling. The hero needs the crumbs to retrace his past, solving puzzles.

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Each puzzle in the G30 — A Memory Maze is a collection of memories, feelings and even events associated with a character. The game will be held on may 17 of this year in the App Store at a price of $4.99.

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