Warcraft Total War came from the darkness of centuries

Warcraft Total War прибыл из тьмы веков

8 years for the gaming industry it’s almost an eternity. Is 2010 the year for a second, and when we talk about the games of those times, stroking a bushy beard and with a soft look to grandchildren. Now, from the darkness of centuries, after 8 years of development, the public beta got a game called Warcraft: Total War.

Warcraft: Total War – a global modification for Medieval 2 authors brought up a full-fledged, single-player campaign and as many as 22 fractions. The game’s plot focuses on the Third war of the Universe, which can be seen in the additions to Warcraft 3. In the well-known reasons, we do not give links, but to download the game can any skilled search queries in the browser.

Originally on Warcraft: Total War worked by one person. Then he was joined by another, then another, and completed the work a whole team of altruists who are not receiving money and working for the sake of ideas and their own satisfaction. In the end, Medieval 2 has acquired hundreds of new skins, new locations, and even got a new voice.

In the video below provided instruction on the difficult installation of this modification.

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