Michael Pakter, Microsoft needs to start making a single player game

Майкл Пактер – Microsoft должна начать делать одиночные игры

Perfectly made, Michael Pakter, disbelieving in the words of Phil Spencer, the main Xbox – which announced major exclusives in the future, for a new generation console.

Our favorite financial-game analyst believes that the exclusivity is actually not that important. Sony needs it was in the 90-ies, to prove that she’s better than Nintendo. Now buy the PlayStation more than the Xbox just because this device is good in itself, and the main thing – Sony did a great job on creating games for a single pass. This is its main advantage. Microsoft are more pressed forward on network projects, and this has weakened the position of Xbox in the world.

However, investing in single-player AAA games it’s not too late, because the gap between PlayStation and Xbox is not fatal: last year, Sony has sold 18 million consoles in that time, Microsoft, the figure is about 9 million, which is quite tolerable and mental retardation.

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