In Devolver Digital revealed “the dirty secret” of creating video games

В Devolver Digital раскрыли «самый грязный секрет» создания видеоигр

The head of Devolver Digital, Mike Wilson, continues to rock. Before he could encourage developers to refusal to communicate with fans, among which is full of boors, as here, he already rips the covers the dirty secrets of the game.

According to Mr. Wilson, the dirty secret of video games development is that people are forced to work for 6 months, seven days a week, 12 hours a day, seven days a week without payment of overtime. Moreover, it is quite a common practice, which simply does not speak, preferring to remain silent. Union of game developers, as such, no: there is nobody to complain, so nothing will change. However, the desire to make faster and cheaper has led to the fact that games have become worse: people begin depression, families are ruined, spoiled health, loss of joy of life. All this is reflected in what they do. So, if you also want to go to the game developers, think three times before to make a choice.

Mr. Wilson notes that the problem is not only AAA, but also for indie studios. For example, during the development of Hotline Miami, four employees were hospitalized due to fatigue and depression.

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