Graphics of the third the Witcher worsened

Графику третьего Ведьмака ухудшили

As he tried to CD Projekt RED, and pull the third of the Witcher in ultra quality on the consoles, there could not, despite the desperate efforts of talented programmers: well, can’t the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, X Pro to show a normal picture in 4k.

Evidence of this is the rejection of the innovations that came with the 1.61 patch version for PS 4 Pro. The result has been unprecedented: the graphics of the Witcher had to degrade to save something like 30 frames per second and a more or less normal rendering range. In favor of this had to degrade the quality of detail of objects that do not fall in the direct field of view of the players. And, as a joke by the developers, they will have to reissue the game on next-generation consoles to achieve the same the best pictures, if it is decided that no 4k life. Well, while everyone will have to play with a resolution of 1080 to save yourself from unpleasant surprises.

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