Cheaters in PUBG began to arrest

Читеров в PUBG начали арестовывать

In China are growing bloody repression. The invisible hand of the market is forcing local police to bear malice, driving around at night in black vans with the words “Bread” and catch innocent gamers desperately citarasa in PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds.

Despite the fact that the cheaters just wanted to be loved, not to mention the fact that it is children who need to understand and forgive, authorities already had arrested 15 people who are charged in the amount of the fine, the equivalent of five million dollars. His release in prison, he probably won’t cancel.

The reason is suspected in the creation of cheats for the above game, and in the aggregate, and the addition to them of the virus with a dissonant name Huigezi Trojan Horse that crawled into the computers of gamers, and have access to the information contained therein. This bloody repression, do not seem to end and we are waiting for new arrests.

Naturally, initiated by the developers of Bluehole, which does not specifically comment on the situation, in addition to the presentation of vague promises to do everything to overcome cheating in their games.

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