HeroCraft will publish INSOMNIA, retro-futuristic version of Dark Souls developers from Saratov

HeroCraft издаст INSOMNIA, ретрофутуристическую версию Dark Souls от разработчиков из Саратова 2018-th may be the year of Russian RPG. In addition to Pathfinder and Ash of Gods on the virtual shelves will soon be INSOMNIA: The Ark. This story-oriented role-playing game from Dark Souls and Fallout. Its publication does HeroCraft Kaliningrad.

According to the publishers, INSOMNIA for them — one of the biggest publishing projects of the year. The contract with the developer, Studio MONO Saratov — was signed last fall.

“All this time was actively working on the project we worked on the marketing, localization and other external tasks, while the guys continued working on the game itself,” — says the representative of HeroCraft.

The terms on which the trade was executed, not yet reported.

HeroCraft издаст INSOMNIA, ретрофутуристическую версию Dark Souls от разработчиков из Саратова

The game itself is in development more than six years. During this time, the project managed not only to change the role system, but also to change the format. The developers abandoned the isometric view in favor of a third person.

Initially INSOMNIA has been created on money of the team. But after the first three years of operation, Studio MONO have successfully conducted two crowdfunding campaigns in a row. The amount of attracted funds amounted to $170 thousand.

For Studio MONO this is the first project. Moreover, the leading managers of the project have not worked in game development. Neither the first nor the second did not prevent the project to gain the approval of Chris Avellone and Brian Fargo.

HeroCraft издаст INSOMNIA, ретрофутуристическую версию Dark Souls от разработчиков из Саратова

Masters can understand. The two main USP of the project is very quickly read. First, a synthesis of the classic in terms of storytelling crpgs with combat system reminiscent of the Japanese Dark Souls series. The second USP — retrofuturistic setting, which can be summarized as “Fallout in space”.

That’s just how it’s viable, we’ll know only after the release, the exact date of which is not. Details about the project can be found on his page in Steam.

If you have any questions on the history of the project, the peculiarities of its development, according to the terms on which they agreed to work with HeroCraft and as planned the project to promote, leave in the comments — be sure their teams will ask.


The creators of AR glasses Magic Leap has obliged developers to keep DevKit in locked safes

 Создатели AR-очков Magic Leap обязали разработчиков держать девкиты в запертых сейфах Today it became known that the company Magic Leap has demanded to keep a limited batch devkitov augmented reality glasses Magic Leap One circulated among selected developers, in a locked safe.

It is argued that this is one way to stop the leakage of information about what is this gadget and how is the quality of the picture it adds to the reality. By itself, the company Magic Leap is known for a love of secrecy, one to keep headset One under lock and key by fooling the press with the details of your gadget that is constantly changing.

Therefore, such prohibition is not surprising, although it is clear that as soon as razrabotciki stop using Magic Leap One, they immediately have to take them safe and locked.

Currently Magic Leap One is being “limited” deployment among interested developers, they shipped the first batch devkitov, and later this year they will get another big batch.

We still do not know much about Magic Leap, the One and only official photos of the kindle interest. The gadget looks like futuristic glasses from the future. It will be sold in two sizes, under different anatomical dimensions of the skull. Fixation is achieved by a convenient strap between the handles.

Glasses connected to a portable computer that attaches to a belt carrier or in a Trouser pocket, and control of the functional points is carried out using a small wireless remote.

The company Magic Leap promises to reach the level of augmented reality higher than the Microsoft HoloLens, although at the moment a direct comparison is impossible.

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PUBG Mobile breaking players with keyboard and mouse

PUBG Mobile ломают игроки с клавиатурой и мышью

The mobile version PUBG there has been a problem more abruptly than some cheaters there. Suddenly it became clear that a bunch of players instead of clumsy to carry with your fingers on the display, somehow taking aim at the enemy, quite comfortable myself using the mouse with the keyboard, the incredibly raise the comfort control.

On the Network like mushrooms after a rain appear the leadership of the stationary connection of computer peripherals to Mobile PUBG, and, as reported from the field, these players completely dominate their opponents, not to mention the stupid bots that also full this game.

In Tencent still did not react to this threat, but Twitter Bluehole already have dozens of reports from unhappy, need something to do, and, it seems, developers will have another headache, for example, to forbid start PUBG Mobile via PC emulator, understanding mouse keyboard will not be easy.

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Hitman Sniper has become the most popular game of the franchise. Title downloaded over 10 million times

Hitman Sniper стал самой популярной игрой франшизы. Тайтл скачали более 10 млн раз Audience mobile Hitman Sniper shooter reached 10 million people. For this indicator, a title can be considered the most popular game on the famous “assassin” franchise.

At the time Hitman Sniper for iOS and Android in 2015 total sales of all games in the franchise since 2000 and 2015 totaled 15 million copies.

Soon Hitman Sniper audience will grow even more. The authors of the game in Studio Square Enix Montreal for the first time made the game free to download dedicated to overcoming the milestone of 10 million players. The offer will be active until 4 April.

Note that from 2017 the Hitman franchise has ceased to belong to Square Enix. Its creators in the face of the Studio IO Interactive came from the Japanese giant and became an independent company.


New details Rune Ragnarok

Новые подробности Rune Ragnarok

Drove new details Rune: Ragnarok, coupled with the gameplay.

For starters, it became known that now the game is in alpha stage, but things are moving, and the release is scheduled for the middle of next year. Also we were given to understand that the game is fully open world.

Even the developers said that they intend firmly to ensure the correct mechanics of throwing weapons. According to their idea, the hero must not only throw spears, but generally anything you can throw at an enemy to inflict damage. Yet throwing looks ugly, but the weapon remains stuck in the enemy – is happy.

Still struck by the lack of auto-commit on purpose, because of what, anyway, the hero was systematically missed, attacking the empty space. In General, there is more work to do, and we can only hope that this potentially interesting game that can bring to mind.

In the story in Rune: Ragnarok on the shoulders of the main character had the duty to prevent the progress of the war in favor of the people. The earth came Ragnarok – the end of the world in Norse mythology, in which to fight each other will not only gods, but also people who have taken the side of the good gods. That is what actually have to deal with.

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Red Faction will restart before the end of the year

Red Faction перезапустят до конца года

As we told you earlier, the series Red Faction will indeed restart. The developers have announced plans to create a new part, and, it seems, something is actually happening, but before that they will reissue Red Faction: Guerrilla, which will receive a number of improvements, primarily visual.

In THQ Nordic has announced that it will offer fully reworked textures, new, more streamlined models, improved lighting, shadows, 4K support and updated multiplayer. Will all this in the second half on a PC and the “big” consoles.

As for the new part, anything about her is unknown, but the copyright holder has made it clear that it will not rust, and that maybe the announcement of something that will take place in the near future. Naturally, all the hopes of the fans of these Martian adventure drawn at the June E3, where THQ Nordic also rides. So let’s see.

At the moment, Red Faction: Guerrilla has on Metacritic averaging 8 points from gamers and the press. The game does not become a hit on the year, but at the time, and it was, for a moment, 2009-th year, it went quite good. Therefore, the desire to re-release it in a wider context.

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Even the son of the Director Bethesda knows when will The Elder Scrolls 6

Даже сын директора Bethesda не знает когда выйдет The Elder Scrolls 6

In a vain attempt to learn, but when will The Elder Scrolls 6, journalists began to hit below the belt, occupied family members Todd Howard – Executive Director of the Bethesda, but unfortunately, they know nothing. Well, or pretend that they don’t know.

This story was commented upon by Mr Howard, who said that his little brother loved to play Zelda, and then when he was a little older, dad told him: you like Zelda? And try Skyrim. I bet he’ll like it too. This is your folder it did.

And the folder was right: the kid was delighted. He immediately began to bombard his father with questions: “Dad, do you believe in Talos? And what happened with the Thalmor? Where did Tiber Septim? Who’s your favorite Daedra? Can I share ideas about future parts?” etc. Well, of course, small was asked repeatedly: and when the folder will allow him to play a new part, but Mr. Howard responded in the spirit all the time, and as soon as possible.

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The creators of the Dead by Daylight announced shooter Deathgarden

Создатели Dead by Daylight анонсировали шутер Deathgarden

Studio Digital Behaviour, you can know for network shooter Dead by Daylight, announced a game called Deathgarden, which is in the genre of so-called asymmetric shooters in the atmosphere of science fiction.

Strange, but one of the featured characters suspiciously similar to the Tragedian of Mora’s Utopia, however, it seems it was just a coincidence. Actually looks like the game is something like a forgotten Evolve, because there is also “a group of powerful hunters hunt agile runners.” On the teaser website, however, is “nimble runner” was depicted robotoobraznye giant, as opposed to young heroes. Yet all this comes out on PC. Release date is unknown, but the project will show in the future gravistat in Boston, which will be held from 5th to 8th of April.

It should be noted that the same Dead by Daylight, despite its popularity, turned out to be quite the problematic game with a bunch of bugs, unreliable servers and the furious fans who were dissatisfied with the project even after its release on early access, where it stayed for months.

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Jurassic World Evolution will be released in June

Jurassic World Evolution выйдет в июне

All fans of dinosaurs in particular, and economic-building strategies in General would probably be interested to learn that the developers of Jurassic World Evolution announced the release date.

Will host this event on 12 June, just in time for E3. Very questionable choice of date, because in light of the dramatic announcements of future exhibitions, not to notice this strategy will be very simple.

In addition, the developers promise 40 different dinosaurs, 5 Islands and support mods at launch. Well, that and the game will use Denuvo, which is quite an unusual thing for a social strategy – niche product, a little similar to any shooter who wants it all, from small to large. But, that’s the choice of developers, so it should be.

Jurassic World Evolution has acquired not a simple release date, but the gameplay trailer where the developers showed the goods, so to speak, face, and, I must say, looks really well shown.

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We know why AMD and Nvidia deny the influence of miners on the shortage of video cards

Мы знаем почему AMD и Nvidia отрицают влияние майнеров на нехватку видеокарт

That card has jumped in price in 2-3 times, when hysteria began with cryptocurrencies, and when the miners bought the video card a hundred – it is clear to any who’ve studied the issue. However, companies that produce video cards, deny it, and, it seems, we know why.

Just yesterday we talked about the fact that Nvidia stated minimum impact on the market of miners and that, they say, blame gamers, which caused a shortage and today with the similar statement was made by AMD, denying the report, an analyst, a certain Christopher Roland, who he prepared for investors, the company, which said that miners account for about 20% of all sales.

AMD said that actually this percentage is much lower and does not affect the position in the market, and they did it because in his report Mr Rowland said the stock price AMD would be reduced from 13 to 7.5 dollars. It must be done because mining is a tantrum not a long-term Foundation for future sales. This is how to count total annual revenue flower shop based on sales, made on 8 March. Such a tough business.

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