Where The Water Tastes Like Wine called commercial disaster

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine назвали коммерческой катастрофой

Main Where The Water Tastes Like Wine – one of the most unusual games released in recent months, Janneman, Nordhagen, called the game a “commercial catastrophe” and expressed the assumption that on similar projects makes no sense at all to work.

Further direct speech: “At the moment I have earned on this game is$ 0. You may think that it’s not bad, but the fact is that the development lasted 4 years. The result is$ 0 for the year – already worse. And when you consider that during that time I spent 140 thousand dollars, get a real commercial disaster, despite the fact that the game is constantly written in the press, and to its creation, including the voice, were attracted by famous actors. However, at the moment it has sold less than I have Twitter followers”.

Given that subscribers Mr. Nordhagen little more than four thousand, it can be assumed that the recent report made at the Conference of Game Developers, about what the average indie game on Steam buy 2000 times, and while it earns about 12 thousand dollars, was close to the truth.

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