The creators of God of War was inspired by Bloodborne

Создатели God of War вдохновлялись Bloodborne

We already know that the new God of War was created under the influence of the movie the neverending Story. Well, what about video games? Impressed by what the game did new God of War? And, the main development, Cory Barlog, has answered this question.

The game that inspired the creation God of War, which the developers wanted to make it look like his creation, called Bloodborne. Yes, Yes, no Dark Soul, namely Bloodborne. Why? Perhaps because the latter is also exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

According to the developer, the spirit of Bloodborne will really be felt, and that no one had any doubt about this, Sony will allow you to publish pre-release reviews 8 days before release, which is pretty rare, because usually the evaluation in these cases come on the day of release, if not later. Well, and here, therefore, the developers do not care, and it is certainly good.

Also, the developers have announced that they have paid great attention to secondary tasks, which in quality will not yield the main one. In particular, in the course of secondary missions, you can get a unique location with a unique atmosphere, or, for example, to fight the greatest enemy in the entire game.

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