StarCraft today marks 20 years

Сегодня StarCraft исполняется 20 лет

StarCraft, while not the oldest strategy (there are games and older), but this franchise has safely reached our days in the form of real-time strategy, without any alteration in the MMORPG, MOBA or any shooter. Moreover, the strategy is not simple, but very profitable and world famous.

Remember the game had on the occasion of the high-profile event: today, March 31, StarCraft celebrates its 20th anniversary. In honor of this Blizzard satisfied special event with the invitation of the famous players and giveaways, but in South Korea this festival, it seems, became one of the highlights of the year. Sorry, but the announcement of StarCraft 3, it seems, will not take place, but many of us were counting on it.

But generally, Blizzard is now the company, from which, as from any other gaming company in the world, waiting for high-profile announcements. StarCraft 3, WarCraft 4 and Diablo 4 – just what we all want from Hulda.

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