In the United States plan to protect the streamers from the police

В США планируют защитить стримеров от полиции

In the United States decided to fight with a deadly pastime of American teenagers. Fun this is Swatting, and is derived from the acronym SWAT, which refers to the special police units dealing with the most hot and dangerous work. The essence of Swatting boils down to false reporting to the police about a crime in progress. Of course, with a title someone’s address.

Now, from this very Swatting more likely to suffer streamers, it’s one thing to call the police to someone unknown, and quite another – to him who leads the stream to see it with your own eyes, it’s so fun. And after last year after a similar prank in Kansas was shot and killed innocent people, the punishment for false reports decided to strengthen. And if before that was supposed to 17 months in prison, now 32 months, and in the case of someone’s death, you will sit for up to 20 years.

Kansas legislators, following the unanimous adoption of the amendments to the law, I hope that other States will also be adopted such measures.

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