Factorio is about to leave early access

Factorio готовится покинуть ранний доступ

The “mathematical” having absolutely repulsive and received 98% positive feedback after 26 years of thousands of ratings Steam, strategy Factorio getting ready to leave early access.

It will happen on 16th April. But, if you’ve been wanting to join this game, but did not dare, then hurry up, because after release the price will jump by half. If it is now, you can buy for 500 rubles, then the price tag will be raised to 750.

Developers themselves report that “failed to achieve stability,” which are at the finish line and, after release, of course, does not stop supporting its draft additions, corrections and patches. That to increase the price tag, the developers noted that the cost of games is steadily growing, it is becoming bigger and more polished, so the team decided to raise the price.

Factorio – economic strategy, in which players are asked to undergo the entire process chain, ranging from the simple organization of the work of the farm, and ending with the launch of multi-threaded pipelines.

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