External Valve blocks sale of skins in Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Valve блокирует внешнюю продажу шкурок в Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Valve Software decided to step on the throat of the external sites involved in the sale and draws skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The company is seriously complicated and slowed down their rotation, that will immediately hit anyone who earns the most skins.

The purpose of innovation is simple: the received item, the player needs to keep in inventory a week, and only then can sell it or change it. And if ordinary players, this decision does not affect, then those who use this shooter for selfish purposes, is reflected, even as. And so now all the relevant branches of the forum precipitated unhappy with the new rules, which Valve is unlikely to cancel, so many will have to live and earn in the new reality.

Valve is not particularly engaged in the debate, only said that the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in particular and the Valve Software in General, unwittingly, became the soil in which grow fertile fraudsters of all types, and what exactly the mechanism of trading and exchanges of pelts for a long time and completely captured by the rogue guys.

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