Bug in Far Cry 5 makes to start the game again

Баг в Far Cry 5 заставляет начинать игру заново

What Far Cry 5 will not be without bugs, it was immediately clear. It was enough to look at pre-release videos that we could see a lot of amazing things. But if visual bugs just ruin the game experience, the bug discovered on the days that rained all progress and was forced to restart a campaign.

The essence of the bug is that the game includes an automatic save instead of auto quick download. And, she does it in the case of the death of the character. In particular, the Network posted a video in which the campaign is stuck in a loop: the game loads for a second before falling hero off a cliff, then turn a quick download, and the hero falls again. Also with places being massive complaints that if you crash the plane, not having to leave before the crash, after the next boot it may happen that the aircraft is loaded correctly and the game will be broken. In General, the desired patches. Many patches. But it’s Ubisoft, so it’s fine.

Far Cry 5 received an average of 8 points and from the press and from gamers, and in General we can say that the game is not spoiled the common cereals, but before that, how come Far Cry 6, definitely it will take several years for the French should be able to do something that not would be accused of copying itself and internal plagiarism.

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