Is Bitcoin now you can create luchbox

Вместо Биткоинов теперь можно майнить лутбоксы

Forget about Bitcoin and Ethereum. Why do you need them? To buy another skin for a video game character? In the modern world, which is long rolling not there already you can create skins yourself directly, without the distraction of a devilish cryptocurrency.

Offers a similar service company GammaNow that can use the power of your computers for direct production of useful Hearthstone, Overwatch and League of Legends. Those who agree to give your computer into slavery, will be presented the packages on 24 or 51 luchbox in Overwatch, 15 or 40 packs in Hearthstone, or 3500 Riot Points. In the future, according to Forbes, the list of adds Counter-Strike and Dota 2. But it is not necessary to amuse itself illusions: your PC still will mine cryptocurrencies and luchbox is a fee charged for services: glass beads in exchange for gold, or to be more precise: the glass beads in exchange for cans. All of the classics.

The only thing left over: does the service GammaNow on the rights of the official partner of, or is it another polupiratskoy the beginning, which in the same Blizzard will soon begin to fight.

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The creators of System Shock out of money

У создателей System Shock закончились деньги

In Nightdive Studios suddenly announced the suspension of the development of a remake of the first System Shock. The reason – the Studio ran out of money.

Earned on Kickstarter in 2016, the year of 1.36 million dollars and private investments in the form of 900 thousand dollars over. As explained by General Director of the Studio, Steven Kik, “perhaps we were too busy moving from simple use to a completely new game. We have abandoned the Unity engine, and moved the game on Unreal, do not regret it. During the development we were thinking of new, brilliant ideas that were implemented in the project. And now we have to pay”.

Forced pause will result in the loss of 15 remote employees, which is either fired, or sent to unpaid leave, but the core of the Studio will continue. Well, Yes: development is completed. Sooner or later. Perhaps after the next exit on crowdfunding.

Sorry, for the output of System Shock is expected before the end of the year. But now, it seems, hopes it no.

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Atari no longer makes their console

Atari больше не делает свою консоль

The pathetic attempts by the American company Atari is going to release a console called Ataribox that de would not only play the hits of the 80-ies, but in many modern games, so pathetic attempts and left.

Official website Ataribox disabled, a campaign to raise funds for the cancelled console, but the developers, after they decided to raise money for porting nobody wants a skate game for Nintendo Switch, has now decided to mine cryptocurrencies in General and bitcoin in particular, and in Atati it was rumored that those same bitcoins will be mined themselves consoles purchased by gamers. That will result in such a blatant plans is unknown, but most likely, nothing, and announcements from the company, anything can be compared to the loud headlines of some yellow newspaper style: “Found a child who was raised by crabs” or “Aliens three years, raped miss Costa Rica”.

A pity, because Ataribox could become a very distinctive and inexpensive console: a real joy for retro gamers.

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New Assassin’s Creed may be about Russia

Новый Assassin's Creed может быть про Россию

Ubisoft made a bold hint at the events of future instalments of Assassin’s Creed, sending out fans of the series the survey, which was asked to determine the most interesting from their point of view, transitional era in which they would like to visit.

So, the vote exhibited the following events;
The dark ages with King Arthur.
Joan of Arc and the Black plague of Death.
Genghis Khan and the conquest of the Mongols.
Feudal Japan.
The Invasion Of The Vikings.
The invasion of William the Conqueror to England.
The invasion of Hannibal in Rome.
The invasion of the Spanish conquistadors in America.
Imperial Dynasty in medieval China.
The Russian Empire and its collapse during the revolution.
The Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta in ancient Greece.

Who will win in the voting is unknown. If the Chinese really wanted to, win all, but the nuance is that Assassin’s Creed is not very popular in China, so the intrigue remains.

However, according to rumors, the next part of Assassin’s Creed will be called Dynasty, and the place where you will unfold it, allegedly, will be China. Just what is listed in the survey.

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The creators of Metro Exodus explained the rejection of an open world

Создатели Metro Exodus объяснили отказ от открытого мира

In 4A Games said, why did not dare to fully open world in Metro Exodus.

It was like this: initially, before the development, the Studio announced that are tired of linearity, and are going to make a concession to current trends, making future Metro is fully open. But when they began to apply those to life, it became clear that “unique linearity” of the game lost, it’s lost all of his trademark atmosphere, and began to look like something completely new, but it doesn’t seems like the same Stalker.

However, some of the developments have moved into Metro Exodus, which was embodied in several large locations, the passage of which, however, will still be linear.

So at this point in the 4A Games are of the opinion that Metro is a unique game with unique linearity, giving the illusion of a certain freedom of action, and the linearity is not bad, because if you do it the way it should, will be interesting.

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New driver Intel automatically adjusts the settings in games

 Новый драйвер Intel автоматически настраивает параметры в играх Intel is trying to do something that had never been done before. And if it works, it really helps gamers who use the integrated graphics card. The latest Intel graphics driver can automatically configure settings in games.

While that feature is in beta testing. It is compatible with the processor of the 6th generation (Skylake) and later and will work with future processors, the 8-th generation with a nice Radeon RX Vega M, also known as Kaby Lake G.

The new driver adds an icon for “Gaming” in the control panel graphics. Intel notes that some features may be limited during the beta test. Settings are automatically configured in Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: WWII, Destiny 2, Dota 2, GTA V, League of Legends, Overwatch, and World of Tanks.

In addition, the driver improves performance and optimizes energy consumption during video playback.

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The Bard’s Tale IV will be released in the third quarter

The Bard’s Tale IV выйдет в третьем квартале

In InXile Entertainment sorry fans of The Bard’s Tale, and outlined the approximate timing of when we should expect the release of this game.

According to the management of the Studio, will release in the third quarter, i.e. from July to September. Very soon the game will enter the alpha test stage, closer to the summer will be a beta test, and immediately then, and before the premiere of hand. To that long silence, the developers worked hard, paying particularly attention to the technology of photogrammetry, responsible for the transfer of real objects and environments in the game, preserving the photorealistic graphics. In General, it may be really interesting.

The Bard’s Tale IV is the last part of legendary adventure, role-playing series, especially popular in America, and little known to us. It is rightly called the younger brother of The Elder Scrolls, because games have similar mechanics, although very different atmosphere.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance criticize but buy

Kingdom Come Deliverance критикуют но покупают

Doing Kingdom Come: Deliverance was not so bad. Evaluation of Steam kept at 70+, confirming that the game is not a masterpiece, but many people like, and most importantly, sales were quite decent.

Developers have reported sold half a million copies. 100 thousand sold in the form of pre-orders, and the rest is bought after the release. All went well, both for the project with a weak advertising and a modest budget. This allowed the Director Warhorse to declare that “they will use technology to Kingdom Come in other games”. Most importantly, to the wonderful technology of loading in the course of the dialogue they left in peace. Very much it is innovative.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was met with mixed reviews, from both press and gamers. The game impressed a highly unfinished product, suffering from a large number of technical problems, but also hath brought the world some interesting mechanic, which, perhaps, we will see in the future.

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Blizzard is preparing a restart WarCraft

Blizzard готовит перезапуск WarCraft

A miracle, a marvel. Following rumors that Blizzard make Diablo 4, drove up rumors about a possible restart WarCraft.

The fact that from the field reports of the upcoming, great event, which attracts vintage and honored the fans of WarCraft 3, noting in his time at the cyber tournament. For example, some Russian citizens have already applied for a visa to Serbia, where, he says, will be easier to get a us visa to personally come to this event, which is not an event, and the whole tour.

If the fans of Military craft are lucky, they will announce WarCraft 4. If not, then you need to prepare for the remake or at least remaster the WarCraft 3, which, however, is also very good news.

WarCraft 3 – the last part of the legendary strategy, which then mutated into Dota 2 and World of WarCraft, disappointing many fans of the series. And that seems to start some interesting events.

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