The creators of action Ashen complicate communication between players

Создатели экшена Ashen усложнят общение между игроками

Until the end of the year the light should go out shooter Ashen – a kind of cooperative Dark Souls in low graphic. And now, about him came some interesting details: it turned out that the game will be deliberately complicated the communication between the partners.

This is related to the where explained that it intentionally did not add any text or voice chat. In addition, the characters have no faces and no mouth. This was done to ensure that the players are used for communication and coordination among the special, limited-edition tools in the form of gestures.

It has even come to the point that the characters no names no names and Paparazzing of Dark souls. This is probably correct, and such a mechanic will have a more authentic look than the writings in the chat.

This approach, as claimed by the chief for development, Derek Bradley, will cause players to feel more subtly the mood of the partners, and to establish between them as thin as possible understanding.

Ashen will be released before the end of the year on PC and Xbox One. Thus, with high probability, the game will be exclusive to Windows 10.

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