The Creator of Dragon Age talked about working on Cyberpunk 2077

Создатель Dragon Age заговорил о работе над Cyberpunk 2077

Suddenly, Michael Laidlaw – maternity creative Director of BioWare, who stood at the origins of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect, spoke about the cooperation with CD Projekt RED, and that, they say, is not averse to participate in the development of Cyberpunk 2077.

Mr. Laidlaw is now unemployed, but has already managed to confess his love to the universe of Cyberpunk in General. It is, of course, sees a problem in moving to Poland, but that will not do for his beloved work.

Well, and then Mr. Laidlaw compare the Witcher and Dragon Age. According to him, in America, many people argue which series is better, but in his opinion this can not be done, because they are very different.

For example, Dragon Age offers to create your own hero with a unique destiny, and the Witcher have a hero one. In the first case, it may be varied, but it may happen that the hero will succeed faceless, and his fate is no thrill. As for the Witcher, the developers are forced to capture the players ‘ attention on a single hero, and they did it very cool.

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