Sega accidentally uploaded the full version of Yakuza 6 instead of the demo

Sega по ошибке выложила полную версию Yakuza 6 вместо демоверсии

Epic blunder made by Sega, which laid out the demo of Yakuza action 6. Anyway, this was sure publishers. But in fact it turned out that this is no demo and the full game.

Indeed, in the prescribed form action weighed 36 GB. So much for the demo. But publishers not worried. There is established a special bar that will limit the progress to a certain level. So, this strap did not work. The game just continued on and on, and eventually goggles gamers began to share observations in Network that, some very long demo of it. But then the unintentional generosity was disclosed, and in the Sega stated that they had to completely remove the demo version of Yakuza 6 from the PlayStation store, because “We are as bad as you. We found that some players were able to unlock the demo version, and take advantage of our mistake we now analyze”.

This is not the first case when using the demo crack full license. That’s why some publishers prefer to do without them.

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