Roach will be a key character in the TV series of the Witcher

Плотва будет ключевым персонажем в сериале о Ведьмаке

Lauren Schmidt, the rights of the writer the future of the series about the Witcher, which so far is planned only in the form of a single, pilot episode, has published a list of the characters that will appear on the screen.

Among them were: Geralt, CRIS, Yeneffer, Triss, dandelion, Regis, Cahir, Imgur, Vilgefortz, Milva and even Leo Bonart. However, separately pleased with the presence of Roach, which, according to Mrs. Schmidt, I have produced psychic abilities and in personality.

On the good news end, and come not very good. The fact that Mrs. Schmidt is very original views. When reading the description of the characters, got the impression that we have before us a family of superheroes as a teenager. All feelings, all tough, bright personality, we all protest and noble emotional outbursts, which are not understand by others. Well, that and Mrs. the writer uses spaces instead of hyphens, and so pretentious you determine that the description of the characters was more like some pathetic rap, and not on the actual characteristics of the characters. In General, it seems that the series of the Witcher is not for everyone.

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