Battletech will be released in April

Battletech выйдет в апреле

The long-awaited unfinished: turn-based, military strategy Battletech will be released very soon.

A specific date, the developers are not called, the claim that it will happen in April. So, after a couple of months we will be able to join the same to this unique game, where before each shot you need to look at a bunch of instruments to study the numbers, trying to raise the effectiveness of the shot by changing positions, ammunition and targets, and then to press the desired button. In General, seven times on the door, once on the rails, as they say in the saying. Looking forward to it.

The game promises to be not just a war of robots in the distant future, but of the whole collection, which contains every little bit helps. For example, there will be a percentage system hitting the target from XCOM and system psychosis of Darkest Dungeon. In Battletech you have to manage not just giant robots and pilots sitting inside. The death of a partner will reduce its morality, various injuries of the combat vehicle will affect performance. In General, a real combat simulator for those who are friends with numbers.

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