Announced shooter Defiance 2050

Анонсирован шутер Defiance 2050

The announcement of the game called Defiance 2050.

2050 network Defiance is MMO shooter, Defiance sequel, released in 2014 year. The original is distributed on a shareware model and has Steam 76% positive reviews.

Well, the sequel, therefore, has better graphics, improved combat mechanics, a larger world and other innovations that should be any continuation of any online shooter. Beta tests games will be held in the spring, and the final release is scheduled for the summer.

Defiance events unfold 2050, 20 years after Archella – a global disaster that ended the war between humans and alien humanoids who planned to colonize earthlings, as befits good aliens.

As reported by the developers, they created the project based on many years of communication with gamers, with the fan audience, taking into account local wishes, and, as they hope, their wishes should be justified.

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