Welcome to the Resistance, Call of Duty: WWII

					Добро пожаловать в Сопротивление Call of Duty: WWII

In honor of the first Call of Duty: WWII DLC called Resistance, which was issued January 30, first on the PlayStation 4, the community event will take place in multiplayer mode Call of Duty: WWII until 27 February.

This community event will arrive with a large amount of free content, for example, the new division, and new weapons and events with limited game time, playlists 2XP and many others.

Prior to the completion of the “Resistance” not much time, so here’s a quick course on the new units and four new weapons that are included in the event community Resistance.

The Division Resistance

Each division in Call of Duty: WWII plays the strengths of a certain class of weapons; mountain division is recommended for those who use sniper rifles, while the chocolate provides the benefits to users of light machine guns, etc.

As for the Resistance, it will give you everything you need to become deadly with a pistol.

First of all, the Division of the Resistance were directly under Forwarding on the selection screen of your unit. Each player in Call of Duty: WWII has access to the unit after upgrading your game to the newest version, so don’t worry about not being able to play.

The rebel soldiers get tactical knife for your gun, which is automatic and fast murder the first time in any game mode. As soon as you raise the level in the division of the Resistance, you will be able to compete at the next mini-maps with the enemy in the division second level faster exchanging weapons and attach to your gun fixtures on the third level. You will also get the indicator to the mini-map, which will show the location of nearby enemies on the fourth. This skill set gives you the advantages of close range, as it will confuse the enemies, give you clues about where they hide, and will make your gun a serious threat.

As in any division, you can use other weapons and get some of the benefits of the Training Division, but you will get the most out of this class using a gun. Because this Division relies mainly on guns consider using additional devices – extended clip (Extended Mag). The regular size store for the middle of the gun pales in comparison to a gun or rifle, and you will quickly spend pistol ammunition, being in this Division. Extended clips for the pistol will give you more ammo in each battle.

Some basic abilities that need to be considered in the division of the Resistance, are energy to reduce recovery time in the sprint, invisible to a more tranquil movement and faster movement, as well as Fodder for the ability to pick up ammunition from fallen enemies. Increased speed of melee is a huge advantage that gives a tactical knife, and two knife throws and two tactical grenades of your choice is also complement the abilities and style of play of this unit.

And finally, try Division Resistance in the game mode Hardcore. Pistols in Hardcore playlists cause even more damage than their damage, which makes the Resistance a great selection of Division in this game mode.

How to unlock and use 9MM SAP

After you once join the Division of Resistance, you will discover a 9MM SAP.

This gun joins the Arsenal of the Second world war as another semi-automatic weapons. 9MM SAP gives a moderate damage per shot, shop with eight rounds, and for those who have a fast enough index fingers, the rate of fire, which is on par with a submachine gun.

9MM SAP, like other guns, will not give you victory in any distant shooting, but hoping for an extended cut will be a bit more comfortable to fight at a medium distance. Instead of using extended slicing, consider to use a larger cage and heavy gauge for extra damage from shots to the head.

How to use a Volkssturmgewehr, Ago and a combat knife

Event of Resistance brings with it new weapons, so here are some instructions on how to use it properly.

Combat knife

					Добро пожаловать в Сопротивление Call of Duty: WWII

Combat Knife – the fourth melee weapon in Call of Duty: WWII, along with a Shovel, ice axe and a Trench Knife in the middle category. It provides variety in animations for melee weapons, as well as its own set of challenges for those who want to raise rank faster. Use the combat knife instead of any melee weapons that you normally use, and have fun.

Keep in mind that the combat knife is not a good choice for battalion of Infantry or Resistance since both of these units offer their own variants of melee weapons.

The gun Ago

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Italian for “bear,” exactly matched the name of the gun Orso, which will break the enemies like an angry grizzly.

Orso finds his place among a group of fast firing machine guns, which includes guns such as PPSH-41 and Waffe 28. All these weapons give you the highest rate of fire in exchange for some strong returns, but Orso has slightly better effective range and 30-cartridge store.

Submachine guns can be effective as from the hip, and from the sight down. Advanced Shop is another reliable option attachment, as it will give you an additional 15 shots.

Although you may be tempted to put a Lens or Reflex sight, iron sights Orso not too obstructive, and is easy to work with once you try it a few sessions long-range Shooting or online matches.

The Volkssturmgewehr Rifle

					Добро пожаловать в Сопротивление Call of Duty: WWII

Captain butcher, may not be able to pronounce the name of this weapon but it has a full summary of what Volkssturmgewehr can do in Call of Duty: WWII: “It’s German, and it will stop the enemy just as well as M1 Garand, maybe even better.”

Volkssturmgewehr is a rapid-fire weapon with lower damage. This weapon excels in medium range battles, if you can control the recoil and keep him in melee.

You could equip Volkssturmgewehr rate of fire to shoot bullets like water from a fire hose, but you can find more benefits by means of supplying devices, which complement the rate of fire of the gun, not increase. Consider the Handle, which will help you deal with the recoil, Extended the Store to increase the magazine capacity, or a High Caliber to increase the damage when shot in the head.

As’orso to the iron sights Volkssturmgewehr pretty easy to get used to, but put a Lens or a Reflex sight, if you want to get a clearer picture of their enemies when aiming.

This is all new content that we should cover in this guide, but we have a feeling that captain butcher more tricks up my sleeve, so stay tuned and enjoy the Community event of Resistance from now until February 27, and, of course…

Vive la Résistance!

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