Ubisoft denies rumors about empty servers For Honor

В Ubisoft опровергают слухи о пустых серверах For Honor

If you go to statistics on Steam, and look at the number of active players enjoying the action For Honor, we will see that at the beginning of last February the average simultaneous online was 28 thousand people. In March, it dropped to 8000. In April, dropped to 3000, then teetered under 1-3 thousand.

Little you ask? Of course, a little. For a game of this scale is a drop in the ocean. But Ubisoft don’t lose heart. There announced intentions to support the game for many more years. The French are preparing a dedicated server, refuse to reduce the price, and even came up with a statement with beautiful numbers. In particular, the developers have announced that For Honor has 7.5 million registered players that the game was the fifth on the popularity of Twitch at the end of last year, and that each month it has one million people. Such is the sweet sour statistics in the game. But it could turn out fine, whether it’s a normal single player campaign.

At the moment, action For Honor Steam has 54% positive reviews, which is one of the worst among the AAA games of today on this site.

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