Rumor is Blizzard is working on Diablo 4

Слух – Blizzard работает над Diablo 4

Judging by the list of vacancies announced in the Blizzard, you can just say that there’s work to expand the Diablo universe.

Pessimists have decided that this is another add-on for Diablo 3. Optimists, as usual, said that finally saw the confirmation that Diablo 4 is in development. But, in any case, for diablotorrent you can enjoy.

From applicants require experience with AAA projects, dense familiarity with the Diablo universe, and creative Director, “the experience of strategic decision-making at the level of the franchise”. All this sounds really cool, and it seems that at this time the Blizzard is really doing a new Diablo.

If so, then to E3 remains just as much time to gash a beautiful, cinematic movie, which will delight gamers and raise the shares of Blizzard, because Diablo is a legend and legends always attract money.

Rumors about the release of Diablo 4 was particularly hot last year, but it was limited to a representation of the Necromancer – a new hero – and a statement about the inability to make a remaster of the second part, due to the lack of materials of the initial project.

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