Kingdom Come Deliverance promised to fix in two weeks

Kingdom Come Deliverance обещают исправить через две недели

To say that the long-awaited action game Kingdom Come: Deliverance has upset many people – it does not say anything. Archaic animation, dead faces, endless loading, including in the dialogues, as well as performance issues are greatly overshadowed by the debut of the project.

Developers, of course, keenly watching the situation, said that will fix everything in two weeks. Well, not everything, but something most outrageous. In particular, the head of the Warhorse, Daniel Varva, said that the patch will fix the bugs of quests, graphical bugs and improve optimization. Well, as long as the developers are itching, enthusiastic modders have already released a modification called Unlimited Saves, which greatly simplifies the process of saving, and eliminates the need to store a bottle of schnapps in the inventory.

At the moment, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is on Steam 75% positive reviews. Journalists on Metacritic rated the game at approximately the same 75 points.

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