In the United States want to raise the age rating for games lutrogale

В США хотят поднять возрастной рейтинг для игр с лутбоксами

The story lutrogale continues. This time the floor was taken by Chris Lee is a U.S. Senator from the state of Hawaii, which, finally, decided on the requirements for the games with gambling elements.

He wants two things: that these games were sold to persons under the age of 21 years and below in the boxes with them, or when you install a digital copy, there was a warning inside the gambling content. According to Mr. Lee, he didn’t like what the video game industry uses adult entertainment on the kids to increase profit. So let’s see whether there will be a similar precedent, and games with luchboxes pinch the tail, or Mr. Senator just wants to loudly declare itself to then to sell themselves dearly, and to say that it did not work.

Scandal lutrogale that, it is considered an element of gambling, it is not considered, extends for many months. And in some European countries, particularly in Germany, Belgium and France are really close to nail everyone who sells laterally inside their video games.

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