In Quinte will have its own arena

В Гвинте будет своя Арена

Card-trading game Quint, unfortunately, with each passing month, it becomes more and more similar to competitors. And now its creators have announced the addition of a new mode called arena, which seems to be completely copied from Hearthstone or the same The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

The essence of the regime: by paying 2$ or 150 units of ore, the player must collect a random card from the deck, and perform 9 contracts, fighting with other players. Fiasco will happen after three defeats. If the test manage to pass, the player is guaranteed to receive a legendary reward card. The exact release date of the mode in CD Projekt RED, as usual, not called, but, it is believed, in the best case it will drop in late spring, at worst – fall.

In fairness, we note that adding, something long demanded gaming community. Many boring just to roll back the seasonal fighting and they want more variety. But then, when the diversity of the ride, usually starts on the forums Buz about the imbalance, glitches and other in-game problems.

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