Here is the soul! A release trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Здесь есть душа! Релизный трейлер Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The long-awaited release of role-playing games KingdomCome: Deliverance Studio Warhorse Studios and Deep Silver. This event coincides with the premiere trailer for the game, and has previously released story and video about the history of the son of a blacksmith.

«Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a story-oriented role-playing open world game in which the player will have a epic adventure in the lands of the Holy Roman Empire. Avenge the death of your parents, fighting the invaders, perform tasks and take decisions changing the course of the game. Explore majestic castles, dense forests, flourishing villages, and many other realistic places of medieval Bohemia!”—note in the BEECH publishing house.

On first impressions of players who already master the Bohemian lands, you can often hear the following phrase “this game has soul.” Well, that sounds very promising, and user rating of the project on Metacriric very good, in the area of 8 balls.

Watch the trailer together and remember the main features of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

  • Ambitious and realistic open world: majestic castles and wide fields — all done with amazing detail.
  • Linear plot: perform tasks in a variety of ways and reap the fruit of their own decisions.
  • Realistic fights: razite enemies stealthily, from a distance or in melee. Choose your weapon and use dozens of unique combos in battles, so exciting as it was ruthless.
  • Character development: pick up your kit, upgrade your skills and get new abilities.
  • Dynamic world: your actions affect how other characters treat you. Fight, steal, seduce, intimidate, convince or bribe. What to do — only you can decide!
  • Historical authenticity: meet real historical figures and find out on my own skin how people lived in medieval Bohemia.

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