DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 collects scathing reviews

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 собирает разгромные отзывы

Yesterday the noise around Kingdom Come: Deliverance, completely unnoticed was the release of another entertaining game in the face of the slasher DYNASTY WARRIORS 9, but in vain, because, according to estimates, the game was extremely controversial.

What can I say, if now, after seven hundred gamer reviews on Steam, the game is only 28% positive reviews. Scolded her for a huge pile of technical problems. The game is not Russian localization is very bad is the case with the performance, completely killed the workout, and most importantly – did not deliver normal the Chinese language, which the Chinese freaked out and dropped the product rating below the plinth.

Unfortunately, the situation when the Japanese (in this case, Koei Tecmo), doing something for the PC, and this “something” turns out badly is not new. Under the oppression of a hideous PC port with terrible controls, lack of mouse support, graphical bugs and problematic optimizations, makes me think: instead of whether the Japanese exaggerated the genius, the delicacy and hard work?

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