Until the end of the year there will be a game about Asterix and Obelix

До конца года выйдет игра про Астерикса и Обеликса

The Gauls are back! Remember this cartoon series about Asterix and Obelix? Not that it was the top cartoon of the childhood, but certain memories of him, no doubt, keep many. Well, now there is an opportunity to remember about these characters again, because before the end of the year based on their adventures to be released game.

The rights to the franchise acquired French Anuman Interactive. The franchise planned a game series with the debut premiere in the last quarter of this year. Details, but certainly we are waiting for a militant, but silly Romans and cunning, although careless, the Gauls. Judging by the fact that responsible for the development of the Studio Microids, most likely, waiting for us, something like Siberia in the style of adventure puzzle. Let’s hope it will be better than the last part of the adventures of Kate Walker.

Asterix and Obelix are the heroes of French comic books, which the world learned in 1961 year. The comic became so popular that in 1965, in honor of Snoopy was named the first French satellite, and in 1996 his name was given to open one of the French scientists the asteroid.

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