THQ Nordic refuses to Denuvo

THQ Nordic отказывается от Denuvo

In THQ Nordic have announced that they are not planning to use DRM Denuvo protection in their games, which will be released in the next few months.

In particular, we are talking about such projects as Biomutant, Darksiders 3 and Fade to Silence. These games will be posted without additional protection, and that, as publishers insist that their fundamental position.

Well, if it goes on like this, Denuvo will be the status of the service is only for the rich, and THQ Nordic, with all due respect, that is not in a hurry to please us AAA projects that a bloody nose, it is necessary to protect additionally.

But probably the reason for the refusal lies not only in the high cost of services Denuvo Software Solutions, but that should provide protection from this DRM system does not always work. Therefore, in order not to overpay, especially in light of the statistics, according to which every fourth “pirate” in Europe buys downloaded the game, those who refuse Denuvo, there is a great opportunity to not only save, but also to improve reputation in the eyes of the gaming audience that doesn’t like Denuvo because of the extra load on the PC resources.

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