The creators Squad is forbidden to use ReShade

Создатели Squad запрещают использовать ReShade

Heap went. After Bluehole, where it was banned to use ReShade in PUBG, on the same step went and Offworld Industries, whose Squad shooter also suffers from cheaters.

The developers note that using ReShade players can get a real advantage. First, you can adjust the picture to a higher contrast, which enemies will literally be illuminated. Well, and secondly, with this mod you can change the zoom, which greatly increase visibility. But at the moment it is limited to only letters and denial games to run with ReShade is enabled. Ban for it is not yet the will.

It seems that for ReShade’s dark ages. With the development of this program, which acquires all new and new functions, game developers are increasingly paying attention to it as almost cheating software that gives a more significant advantage than just a small graphic update.

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