QUBE 2 will be released in March

QUBE 2 выйдет в марте

Became known release date Q. U. B. E. 2 game, which should definitely pay attention to all fans of Portal, because this game is very similar in gameplay, and in some places may even offer a higher quality experience, which in his time was appreciated by those who played in the first part.

So Q. U. B. E. 2 will be released on March 13th. Developers Toxic Games tell you what made the first part still students, and now they matured and made the premium product you’ve always dreamed of.

In Q. U. B. E. 2 is proposed to play as a girl named Amelia, who with the help of special gloves will be able to remotely manipulate the environment, full of very strange technology. The single player campaign for up to 11 hours of passage, during which Amelia would have to solve more than 80 puzzles.

The page with the game is already on Steam, where you can see it has a Russian-language text localization and modest system requirements. The cost of the game is still unknown.

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