MMORPG Identity can come to the end of the year

MMORPG Identity может выйти до конца года

In 2015 on Kickstarter has collected 930 thousand dollars MMORPG Identity, which should have been released a year later. But now it’s 2018, and the games are all there. Therefore, those who have invested in the project money, began to ask awkward questions.

And now, the developers of Asylum Entertainment finally decided: Identity must come before the end of the year, although in early access. In proof that the game evolves, they demonstrated new gameplay with shooting a local Sheriff, and, it seems, the characters of the series breaking bad, for these yellow suits and this truck is not to be confused with anything else.

Looks like the game is still early alpha. The animation is weak, and with the frame rate, sounds like a problem, but the developers do not lose heart and that will bring the project to the finished look.

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