Kingdom Come Deliverance gets the car negative reviews

Kingdom Come Deliverance получает вагон отрицательных отзывов

Finally held the long-awaited release of the action game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is even with last year, from the first announcement had many called the most anticipated game. Oh, and here took place.

As the developers promised, they have rolled out a huge patch the first day with many changes and improvements, which setting the game in the Steam flowed in several delicate stages. Before the assessments, the moment they broke up, but we can certainly say that Kingdom Come will not repeat the success of the third Witch even close. Press or at least met the game unique. Of the positive was marked with a great atmosphere, an extensive, interesting quests, a bright personality and duration of a single campaign. What to the downsides, then they took a large number of technical problems with the prevalence of graphical glitches and lack of productivity, and, oddly enough, realism, to which we all aspire, and from which it sometimes suffers. In particular, archery was so complicated that it became almost useless.

In the end, the same Metacritic, the number of low ratings in the area of 60, 50 and even 40 points, frankly, scary. It seems that light cavalry could not.

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