The first hour of the campaign of Metal Gear Survive terrified gamers

Первый час кампании Metal Gear Survive ужаснул геймеров

Konami is now like a deranged merchant suddenly grew a conscience, and that started tirelessly to tell the terrible truth about the poor quality of their product. Started and can not stop.

In this particular case we are talking about the action game Metal Gear Survive, which acquired the publication of the first hour of the single player campaign. The game looks worse than many thought before. Animation Hello, from somewhere in the area of the 2012th year, and the whole picture seems to have been created under the slogan – the less colors the cheaper, because it turned out so monotonous. Video, of course, immediately picked up minuses, but it seems to have no end, and fans of MGS, over the remaining week before release, there is a lot more terrible.

It is noteworthy that before Konami closed access likes/dislikes and review. And then, when they began to distribute the videos through third-party channels, access review was opened, and people began to tell me what you think about this game.

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