Rumor – Battlefield 2018 might be a Soviet weapon

Слух – в Battlefield 2018 может быть советское оружие

Drove up hearing about Battlefield 2018, in which de Soviet weapons.

The root of the rumor was someone Peter Olafsson, a former artist at DICE, who now works at Bungie. Now, this character has published two picture. One was a picture of our Soviet machine gun PPSH-41, and the other as VAL, better known as the submachine gun Shpagina and Vintorez, respectively. They look exactly as previously published by the same person weapons from Battlefield 1, and it seems that they also have affiliation to any game.

The fact that Mr. Olafsson moved to Bungie in the past year, and neither there nor in DICE didn’t do anything, where would be the PCA and the Vintorez. Therefore, it is possible that we are talking about a future Battlefield that DICE is doing exactly, and which is likely to be released before the end of the year. But the era of the game will have to break your head, because very much different they turned out.

Mister designer did not comment on your post, because hardly can do it with impunity to themselves: lie – then he will remember the lie, tell the truth – you may run into trouble from a former employer.

  • Слух – в Battlefield 2018 может быть советское оружие
  • Слух – в Battlefield 2018 может быть советское оружие

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