Phoenix Point don’t want to ruin consoles

Phoenix Point не хотят портить консолями

Until the end of the year among fans of XCOM will be a real feast: released tactical role-playing strategy Phoenix Point, developed by Julian Golopom – the Creator of XCOM, which recently announced that the game will be released on PC only, and will not be released on consoles.

Mr. Gollop and reason called. Said “don’t want to spoil it consoles”. Well, the production of such purely computer games, which is the quintessence of a 30-year career of this famous game designer is a very commendable move. More details about Phoenix Point should be expected of 17-18 February, when will be a event PC Gamer Weekender, where, in addition to the subject matter, shows a lot of interesting things.

At Phoenix Point we have three factions with their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the mutated monster rising from the depths of the sea. The game began with a crowdfunding service Fig, where he collected 750 thousand dollars, which is a direct indication that Julian Gollop remember and love.

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