In Anthem can also be a Royal Battle

В Anthem тоже может быть Королевская Битва

Continue to support the motto “no day without a Royal Battle.” At this time, this mode gave rise to talk to the guys from BioWare, which has published several interesting jobs.

The fact that there suddenly took specialist shooters shooting from the third and, characteristically, in the first person. On the question of one of the applicants – so a view from a person still have to work? – it replied that “the camera will change the way in PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds”, what is immediately given reason to suspect developers in the preparation of the mode of action for the Battle Royal Anthem, who moved in the autumn of next year, just to shove it in network a Battle Royale.

It is noteworthy that if at the stage of first announcement the developers claimed to switch cameras really can be, but not the fact that you can shoot, but now, it seems that BioWare has decided to clarify its intentions.

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