Hajime TABATA – PS 5 and Xbox Two will be in the cloud

Хадзиме Табата – PS 5 и Xbox Two будут облачными

The main on the development of Final Fantasy 15, Hajime TABATA announced that the future PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two will be based on cloud technologies.

Perhaps Mr. TABATA, knows something. Knows, but is not recognized, although in General his speech sound more like speculation than real facts. He says that he sees how the gaming industry into step repeats all of the music industry and cinema, where there was a substantial departure in the direction of cloud computing and streaming broadcasts. So it is possible that in a few years, on the console, somewhere my grandmother in the village, will not play, because you will need an Internet connection and preferably powerful.

In General Mr. TABATA believes that “the modern world is becoming more technological, and the intangibility of the content in the near future may become the norm.” Well, it’s possible. The more that we see that gradually moving away physically copies of games, and in their place fit digital but streaming is still a pretty bold thing that will not be easy to implement even for those of US who, if we are talking about the next 2-3 years.

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