Asus in 2018, plans to increase the supply of gaming laptops because of the miners

 Asus в 2018 году планирует значительно увеличить поставки игровых ноутбуков из-за майнеров Asus in 2018 plans to sell more gaming notebooks than in 2017. According to experts, this growth will be the largest in recent years. Such a step by the Taiwanese company makes you go to the market of gaming accessories, which is suffering because of the miners.

As for specific numbers, the Asus in 2017 and intends to increase the supply of gaming laptops for 500 000 units. A year earlier, Asus had sold around 1.2 million units.

Today consumers in horror looking at the growing prices of computer accessories that first jumped because miners of cryptocurrencies. Buying a gaming laptop now remains almost the only reasonable way to take possession of the gaming machine.

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