Hackers launched Linux on the Nintendo Switch

 Хакеры запустили Linux на Nintendo Switch A group of hackers known as Fail0overflow, reported that launched on the Nintendo Switch the Linux operating system. Along with this, the hackers managed to run on the console emulator GameCube and the cult shooter Classic DOOM.

While FailOverflow more focused on Linux, a group of hackers RetroArch and Team Xecuter have been creating emulators for Nintendo Switch. It is noted that Team Xecuter is working on a modified physical chip for the console.

Currently, the hackers managed to access the core Switch for the following Nintendo emulators:

  • 2010 Snes9x (SNES);
  • Snes9x (SNES);
  • Virtual Jaguar (Jaguar);
  • Next VBA (GB, GBC, GBA);
  • Picodrive (Genesis, MegaDrive, Master System, 32x, Sega CD);
  • Handy (Atari Lynx);
  • Yabause (Saturn) [Slow];
  • FBA Alpha [Slow].

All hacked emulators can only run on firmware version 3.0 installed Hacking Firmware. To games and programs could run on any version of the firmware, hackers want to create a customized chip for Nintendo Switch.

По материалам: vgtimes.ru