Global sales of GTA V has exceeded 90 million copies

Мировые продажи GTA V превысили 90 млн копий Hit the Studio Rockstar almost 5 years on the market and still sells well. Total sales ekshena GTA V has exceeded 90 million copies, and in 2017, were sold 15 million copies of the game.

This was reported analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad (Ahmad Daniel) tweet with a link to the latest financial report of publisher Take-Two Interactive.

15 million copies for the year title for 2013 release — an impressive result. For comparison, Star Wars Battlefront II has sold 7 million copies. However, sales of Battlefront II was damaged by the scandal because of luchboxes and policy of Electronic Arts to monetize their games.

GTA V does not forget thanks to its multiplayer mode, GTA Online, which regularly receives updates and new content. One of the recent additions in the past year was the game mode Last Man Standing, GTA turns in the battle Royale like PLAYERUNKOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS.

In the last quarter of GTA Online remained leading titles Take-Two is the amount of money that players spend on in-game purchases.

The success of GTA V has repeatedly noted market analysts. Last year, the NPD Group called GTA V the best selling game on the video game market in the US in 22 years of observations, and the company SuperData recognized GTA V the most lucrative console game in history.