Switch – the best indie platform. The most sold copies of Celeste on it

Switch – лучшая инди-платформа. Больше всего копий Celeste продано на ней 25 Jan independent developer Matt Thorson released a new project — a platformer Celeste. 2 weeks version games for the Nintendo Switch ahead of the sales of your publications on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Successful sales Celeste fixed the Switch for the glory of the main indie platform today. At the end of last year, the most downloadable games for Switch was the role-playing farm simulator Stardew Valley from independent developer Eric Baron (Eric Barone).

“We see that Celeste and Switch are perfect for each other,” said Thorson in an interview with Destructoid.

He did not name the exact number of copies sold Celeste. According to the Spy Steam, only Steam game Matt Thorson since the release time came to 20 thousand.

Thorson became famous in the world of video games thanks to sprite action game TowerFall, which it was originally developed for the Ouya console. Later, Matt re-released TowerFall on PC and consoles called TowerFall Ascension.