Simulator fantasy the gun store will be released on iOS

 Симулятор фэнтезийного оружейного магазина выйдет на iOS Admirers Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! and other fantasy Sims may be interested to hear that the simulator is the fantasy weapon shop Weapon Shop Fantasy will be released on mobile this week.

 Симулятор фэнтезийного оружейного магазина выйдет на iOS

In the Weapon Shop Fantasy you are responsible for managing each item in their shop. Hire staff, pay them, expand and improve the range and, of course, attract more customers.

The game contains elements of RPG. You have to send workers into the wilderness to gather resources and treasures, where they will inevitably encounter monsters.

Fantasy Weapon Shop managed to conquer the PC gamers on Steam, and now get to iOS 8 Feb. It will be released in two versions: the free Lite and paid (229 rubles). You can first try the first and then, if you enjoy the game, updated to the second.

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