The creators of SMITE laughed at closing Paragon and invited all to yourself

Создатели SMITE посмеялись над закрывающимся Paragon и пригласили всех к себе

Hi-Rez Studios has posted a pretty funny video that in the end this is not shown because many are offended.

The meaning of the video in the ad MOBA-SMITE action, they say, it’s such a great game that, among other things, will be supported for at least another five years. Well, and then went acuity at closing Paragon, whose fans invited, saying that their game is much steeper. While the faces of the speakers it was evident that they are extremely happy about the failure of a competitor that angered many. After the developers released an official apology, they say, had nothing in mind and then went to the standard rant about the competition, and other matters. But we all managed to see what are all these cheers for the success of competitors. For when the deeds of competitors going downhill, some will not be able to keep from smiling.

In fairness, it should be noted that the authors of this video were the leaders of the gaming community SMITE that have a direct relationship to the leadership of Hi-Rez Studios have, though considered it a direct part of.

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