Onrush gets a release date

Onrush обзаводится датой выхода

Racing action Onrush, announced last year, got a release date. The game will be released the 5th of June.

Call Onrush simulator – not dare, because it’s completely arcade-stunt ezdilka with jumps and spectacular accidents. Something like Trackmania Turbo, but with different types of vehicles including the buggies, and large SUVs and nimble motorcycles. Just at the time the developers promise 17 sequentially unlockable vehicles, which has still to be tested during the beta testing, by the end of winter, beginning of spring. And Yes, the game will be released only on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Such is archadeck, in which the PC-shnik not to play.

Onrush, despite the General lack of seriousness, makes the Studio Codemasters – renowned expert on the racing simulators. With its conveyor descended things like Grid and Colin McRae Rally.

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