Michael Pakter believes unprofitable deal for Microsoft acquiring Electronic Arts

Майкл Пактер считает убыточной сделкой для Microsoft приобретение Electronic Arts

Rumors, publicized in the Western media about the appetites of Microsoft that de wants to buy all the world, and especially Electronic Arts, demanded experts. Well, and who have the chief financial analyst in the gaming industry? Of course, the famous forecaster Michael Pakter.

In short, Mr. Pakter believes that the purchase of a Microsoft electronics a stupid idea. His calculation is based on the fact that most of the money Electronic Arts earns on the PlayStation 4. And, if at the beginning of the two thousandth, when the Xbox was still on horseback, such a deal would make sense, now – no. The main items of income of the company at the moment – the FIFA franchise and Star Wars. Well, if all this will come under the protectorate of the Microsoft, EA, first, cease to operate Sony, and secondly, Disney and FIFA won’t like it also, because they will lose part of the income that the electronics they pay for the license.

In General, in simple terms, to eat such a big fish like EA, but the fish is quite bony and its subsequent digestion problems can occur.

Sorry, but hearings about purchase of Valve Software, Michael Pakter not commented.

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